We jump right into the projects from the get go!!! We have our writers and creative team well connected to our art department partner Luty Art Studio

Mcfly and Luty Art team up
to pull out some serious work

Challenging the white canvas

One of the biggest challenges artist constantly face is the “fear to the white canvas”. Out our studio we believe no matter what is the project about, it would be better if we can pull out a solid art direction and conceptualization even when our clients aren´t aware of such impact. We train our artist not to fear the empty canvas, instead, we encourage them to go crazy! to fight that piece of paper and submit it to their own will.

Mcfly´s spirit was always built from the idea of giving everything in order to raise the quality and creative bar in each one of the projects, since our first ones back in 2005.

Nowadays we are so thrill to team up with one of the most important art studios from the region, Luty Art Studios lead by the talented Nelson Luty, Art director of many major animation features including Juan Jose Campanella´s Metegol film.

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