One of the main titles of 2017

Sons of Light is one of the top inhouse projects from Mcfly Studio, written originally as an animated series in 2015, nowadays turned into a live action + cgi fourteen minutes long shortfilm. There is no doubt this is one of the most challenging  inhouse projects for this 2017. The production shooting is schedule on June and it will be held on several locations around the country.

The story was developed by Federico Moreno Breser, Ezequiel Freidzon and Nicolas Gorla in addition to the script written by Juan Moreno.

The society is divided among those who where chosen and protected inside the confins of the City, the only placed that sruvived the lethal war, and the “leftovers” those who were banned and exiled to survive in the desert

A big wall was built a hundred years ago as a shelter for the City and to be an icon of the society’s power.

Elena Torres, one of the City’s Airforce pilot finest was captured by the wild clans of “leftovers”. This accident will lead Elena to discover a truth burried under on of the biggest lies of all times.


Sons of Light – shortfilm


Federico Moreno Breser


Ezequiel Freidzon


In production