We created a whole universe just from scratch! 

For Cara Sucia’s project we design the enviroments and the fantasy characters, we created the 3d models and shaders, we animate the entire sequences and finally we composed all the elements into the final shots

The beauty of the Jungle

“Cara Sucia – with the magic of the nature” is one of this year releases for the big screen. Under the direction of Gastón Gularte and  Detras del Sol Producciones, the movie is getting to its final stage of post production. The production started on 2012 and now after five years of hard work and commitment, the production team is now wrapping for the release on winter hollidays.

Mariel is Cara Sucia, a little eleven years old girl, that lives with her friends a happy life surrounded by the nordest misionary nature. She and her friends join their parents working on the farms. Life was perfect until one day an evil and beautiful women (Laura Novoa) arrives and threatens the harmony of the town with her destructive purposes.


Cara Sucia


Gaston Gularte


INCAA + Detras del Sol Producciones


In post production