The liberty of the fantasy is not a get away to the irreality, its creation and courage.

(Eguene Ionesco)

Scarlet Whale is a visceral story, that push the limits of human consciousness

Made in pixelation and stop motion, traditional animation frame by frame techniques.

Colombia’s new wave

This is the story of a whale hunter, Coming from a family that for generations has been dedicated to kill this giant and noble creature. A series of unfortunate events will make lose the most precious: his wife and son. At the same time, he gets a second chance, he suffers a transformation that makes him into a whale, this way he see the world differently and begins to understand why his punishment. The last flashes of memory that still remain, give him a reason to stay alive in their new condition of cetacean. The daily subtracts a portion of his humanity, and as a last desire embarks on a journey to the sea in search of his destiny.
Short Film Animation – Stop Motion and Pixelation.

The shortfilm is co production between Ecdys Animation Studio and Proimagenes Colombia with the participation of Mcfly Studio and Santiago Walsh in the Post Production and Original Score. The shortfilm first release will be presented at Annecy Festival.


Scarlet Whale


Jimmi Cho


Erika Pulido Fajardo

Original Score

Santiago Walsh